I popped his rug on and in less than 15 mins he was bone dry!
I really am over the moon with the DriRug, I was a little sceptical but it’s blooming amazing and really does do exactly what it says! I love it.
I bought the XL and I’m glad I did, it fits my boy a treat. I used it for the 1st time after our lesson & he was quite sweaty, popped his rug on & in less than 15 mins he was bone dry.
I used it 4x last week!! It is fab, I’m so pleased as my boy is a big wimp & get cold very easily, I do worry when he’s wet but not any longer!! 
Nikola Penola Penny
It’s perfect for Trevor!

The DriRug fits my boy, Trevor beautifully. It’s really hard to get rugs that fit the minis as well as this does! It’s perfect for him! 

Zoe Sturgess

I don’t know what I would do without it now!

These rugs are something else, it was perfect weather to put it into use with the snow showers we were having yesterday and with Rummy working really hard in our lesson! The DriRug kept him warm & dried him in just 10minutes. Can’t recommend these rugs enough I don’t know what I would do without it now!

Caitlin Clark

It’s brilliant and I’ll definitely be buying another one!

I bought one of your rugs and mitt off you guys at Royal International and it’s brilliant!  It fits brilliantly. My Monkey loves his I will definitely be buying another one for my other horse x

Jessica Kayes

It really is a must-have product for saving time

Bathed and dry in 5 minutes! I also take this rug to shows with me so that I can wash my horse off after working in and know that by the time I get myself dressed for the show ring he will be totally dry and ready to tack up for competition. I have had this rug in my washing machine which saves the cost of rug cleaning bills. It really is a must-have product for saving time, especially if like me you don’t have access to a wash box, solarium, hot water or a warm barn!!

Samantha Osborne

Both my horses lived in them! 

These DriRugs were total life savers in the terrible rainy weather last week at The Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show ?
Both Lola and Joie lived in them! Even under their turn out rugs in the stables ?. The DriRug’s kept them dry and warm 

Alex Hardwick

So worth the money!

I just wanted to let you know how amazing the DriRugs are! It’s a must have, and worth investing in! I am super chuffed with mine! Dolly always gets sweaty when traveling, first time wearing this rug she was 100% dry! 

They can be used for traveling your horses, or after you have bathed or even after exercise, they are so worth the money!

Emma Jayne Dujardin

Snug as a bug in a rug!

The DriRug came in really really handy yesterday he was soaked and shaking!! Yet spent the afternoon quite literally Snug as a bug in a rug ? 

Tina Wallace

Perfect for sensitive types…

So I know they’re not much, but thanks to DriRug we have a full mane of plaits!

Normally by this point in the summer, Babe has rubbed his mane to nothing in patches, all during the window between being washed after work and being dry enough to put his fly rug back on. The hood on his new cooler means that this is no longer the case, and it’s light enough to use even in warm summer weather ?

I can only imagine how helpful this would be for ponies suffering from sweet itch!

Rachel Dowley

Loving my DriRugs..

Loving my DriRug for the boys. Great hack with my lovely friend so, get back and the boys are sweaty and muddy, good wash off, throw the DriRugs on for 10 mins and they are dry ready to turn-out! 

Sam Turner

Would definitely recommend having one in your horse’s wardrobe

I’ve been super impressed with the DriRug. I had to ride Davina (Headmore Davina) late after a show with others one day this week and needed her to dry off quickly so I could change her rug before she got cold. In the time it took me to teach a lesson she was complete dry. She had also rolled but it didn’t matter as a quick shake and all the bedding fell off it. The only way you could tell she’d rolled was the stable stain on it, but as it’s washable at 60 that’s not a problem! Well worth the money and would definitely recommend having one in your horse’s wardrobe!

Alice Oppenheimer 

Added bonus … nothing sticks! 

The fast and no fuss way the rug draws out the moisture , also the added bonus that if your horse rolls with it on nothing sticks to it .

Paul Ruffle

I’m so thrilled, I’m putting all my show team in them!

I had the pleasure of discovering these wonderful rugs at Showcase of Champions this weekend. What lovely helpful people! Just absolutely love the rug. It’s so soft and light! Thrilled that you have thought of our miniature horses when designing for the big horses. The DriRug size one fits my 3ft 6 horses just perfect and looks incredibly smart.  I had one and put it on straight away as an under rug after being in all night, the horse’s cost was so shiny!  How wonderful it was not covered with shavings! Took top rugs off and the rug became my show rug for the day. Was pleased to see the logo was on one side leaving the other to put my own prefix on.  Can’t wait to try it out when bathing! I am so thrilled with the rug I’m putting all my show team in them!!

Karen Hamilton-Smith 

Truly brilliant! 

These rugs are truly brilliant, once activated she was dry in under ten minutes! The rug does not get wet, and the shavings do not stick to fabric!

Carol Alanda Cooper

Wash up like new!

Having now used DriRugs for over a year with our ponies I can definitely say they are a rug for all seasons and are an essential piece of equipment that gets used at shows and at home constantly. Thankfully with all this use they wash up like new every time and dry really quickly. Their obvious use is that they dry the horses coat really quickly particularly useful for us with three grey ponies that are washed A LOT but also after summer showers catching us out resulting in a wet pony just before riding ?They are also great for travelling and after work to wick away sweat as well as a lightweight stable rug and because nothing sticks them they also look smart unlike many other brands. It really is the most versatile useful rug to have and does exactly what it says it does. Well done DriRug! 

Lynsey Tyte

Nothing sticks and they shake clean!

I can’t speak highly enough of these durable rugs which have revolutionised the way we bath and rug sweaty horses after being worked…drying them off in minutes! I also use the rugs in the stable (nothing sticks and they shake clean!) as well as when travelling the horses to keep them cool and sweat free! 

Elliot Dowler

I can’t recommend these rugs enough…

It’s so lovely not to worry when the rains ? came today about having to spend ages waiting for the boys and girlie to dry before we could ride – all happily munching whilst drying and I have also found the Dri-Mitts are super at drying us off too. 

Samantha Thake Price 

The shavings just shake off!

Thanks to our amazing DriRug, Willow had a bath yesterday and we were able to pop the top rug over the top with no sweating or worry of this getting wet and him getting a chill!!! They are the best if they roll in them as the shavings just shake off and they don’t stick to it. Love it! 

Lara Edwards

Amazing! I can’t recommend this rug highly enough.

I couldn’t believe after a full hose down Solo dried in minutes in the rug but didn’t get hot.  The only part of Solo still wet was where the rug hadn’t been –  his girth mark under his tummy, and I used the Dri-Mitt to dry this off. Then, 5 minutes over the gate and the rug was totally dry! Thank you DriRug!

Nicola Byam Cook

Nothing else compares!

This is one of the most amazing products I’ve used and it does everything it is meant to !!! If I could compare it to anything it would be a pair of GHD hair straighteners once you’ve had one nothing else compares and you’re not quite sure how you ever lived without them. So if you’re thinking of treating yourself and your horse, don’t hesitate to invest in one of these !! The quality is amazing and the customer service is second to none.

Nathalie Kayal